S235JRG2 Material S235JRG2C+C Equivalent, Meaning, Properties

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S235JRG2 Material S235JRG2C+C (1.0122)

S235JRG2 material is a European standard non-alloy structural steel grade, a former designation in accordance with EN 10025-2: 1993. S235JRG2C steel number is 1.0112. This steel name has been discarded and replaced by S235JR in EN 10025-2: 2004.

S235JRG2C+C, S235JRG2 Meaning

  • “S” is short for Structural Steel;
  • “235” refers to the minimum yield strength value (MPa) for the steel thickness ≤ 16mm;
  • “JR” means the impact energy value 27 J at room temperature.
  • “G2” is a subdivided quality grade.
  • “C” means the steel is suitable for cold drawing.
  • “+C” is for “cold work hardened”.


S235JRG2 Specification

The following tables show S235JRG2C (EN 1.0122) and S235JRG2 specification and datasheet including chemical composition, mechanical properties and physical properties, etc.

Chemical Composition

The datasheet is also suitable for S235JRG2C+C.

Chemical Composition % (≤)
StandardSteelQuality Grade (Steel number)CSiMnPSNmethod of deoxidation
EN 10025-2: 1993S235S235JRG2 (1.0038) steel not allowed
S235JRG2C (1.0122)

Physical Properties

  • Density: 7.85g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1420-1460 °C (2590-2660 °F)

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (≥ N/mm2); Dia. (d) mm
Steel Graded≤1616< d ≤4040< d ≤100100< d ≤150150< d ≤200200< d ≤250
S235JRG2 (1.0038)235225215195185175
Tensile Strength (≥ N/mm2)
Steel Graded<33 ≤ d ≤ 100100 < d ≤ 150150 < d ≤ 250
S235JRG2 (1.0038)360-510340-370340-370320-470
Elongation (≥%); Thickness (d) mm
Steel Grade3≤d≤4040< d ≤6363 < d ≤100100 < d ≤ 150150 < d ≤ 250
S235JRG2 (1.0038)2625242221

Equivalent Grade

S235JRG equivalent grade

S235JRG2 equivalent
StandardSteel name (Steel number)StandardSteel gradeStandardgradeStandardgradeStandardgradeStandardgrade
EN 10025-2: 1993S235JRG2 (1.0038)ASTM A36;
Grade D
ISO 630-2S235BJIS G3106SM400A,
GB/T 700Q235B; Q235CIS 2062E250

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