S355MC Steel | 1.0976 Material Properties & Equivalent

S355MC Steel – 1.0976 Material

S355MC steel (material 1.0976) is a thermomechanically rolled steel with high yield strength. It is essentially a subdivision grade of S355 steel. S355MC has a minimum yield strength of 355MPa and a tensile strength of 430-550 MPa.


S355MC meaning: S for Structural steel, 355 indicates the minimum yield strength in MPa, M is for Thermomechanically rolled, C is for cold forming. (For more European steel names meaning/designation)

S355MC Steel Properties

The basic properties of S355MC material are listed in the following data sheet, including chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition based on ladle analysis.

Chemical Composition, % ≤
Standard Steel (Material Number) C Si Mn P S Al,≥ Nb V Ti
EN 10149-2 S315MC (1.0972) 0.12 0.5 1.50 0.025 0.02 0.015 0.09 0.2 0.15


  • The sum of Nb, V and Ti shall be ≤ 0.22%.
  • Sulfur (S) content shall be ≤ 0.010% by agreement.

Mechanical Properties

S355MC mechanical properties at room temperature are listed in the datasheet below, including tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and bending properties, etc.

Mechanical Properties
Steel Grade (Material Number) Yield Strength, Mpa (ksi), ≥ Tensile Strength, Mpa (ksi), ≥ Elongation at fracture A, ≥ Bending at 180°, minimum mandrel diameter
S315MC (1.0972) 355 (51) 430-550 (62-80) 19 (t< 3), Lo = 80 mm 23 (t≥ 3), Lo = 5.65 √So 0.5t


  • Tensile test values apply to longitudinal specimens.
  • Bend test values apply to transverse test pieces.
  • t = Thickness
Minimum recommended inside bend radii for cold forming
Steel (Number) t ≤ 3 3< t ≤6 t > 6
S315MC (1.0972) 0.25t 0.5t 1.0t

S355MC Equivalent Material

S355MC steel equivalent ASTM, European, ISO, Australian, Canadian, Chinese and Indian standard are listed in the table below.

S315MC Steel Equivalent Material
European Union US ISO China Australia Canada Indian
Standard Grade (Material Number) Standard & Grade Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade
EN 10149-2 S315MC (1.0972) ASTM A1066/A1066M A1066 Grade 50 [345] ISO 6930-1 FeE 355 GB/T 1591 Q355ME

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