EN 1.0122 Steel S235JRC+C, S235JR+AR, S235JR+N Material Meaning & Definition

1.0122 Steel S235JRC+C, S235JR+AR, S235JR+N

S235JRC steel (EN 1.0122 material), S235JRC+C, S235JR+AR and S235JR+N are different delivery and surface conditions of S235JR steel according to the European standard EN 10025-2 and EN 10277-2 (replaced by EN 10277: 2018).

Detailed information about the S235JR material can be found in the S235JR datasheet.

Designation (Meaning & Definition)

S235JRC means that the material is suitable for cold flanging, cold forming or cold drawing.

  • “S” means structural steel;
  • “235” refers to the minimum yield strength (MPa) for the steel thickness ≤ 16 mm;
  • “JR” indicates the quality grade related to the impact test energy values (≥ 27 J at room temperature 20 °C)
  • “C” means the steel is suitable for cold flanging, cold forming or cold drawing.
  • “+AR” means the steel is delivered in the condition of “as-rolled”.
  • “+N” means the delivery condition of this steel is “normalizing rolling”.
  • “+C” means cold work hardened.
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S235JRC Mechanical Properties

The following table shows mechanical properties of S235JRC (bright steels for general engineering use)

As-rolled + peeled (+SH) Cold drawn (+C)
Steel name (Steel number) Thickness (mm) Hardness (HBW) Tensile strength (MPa) 0.2% proof strength (MPa) ≥ Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation % ≥
S235JRC (1.0122) 5 ≤ t≤ 10 355 470-840 8
10 < t ≤ 16 300 420-770 9
16 < t ≤ 40 107-152 360-510 260 390-730 10
40 < t ≤ 63 107-152 360-510 235 380-670 11
63 < t ≤ 100 107-152 360-510 215 360-640 11

S235JRC+C Definition

S235JRC+C means that the steel is cold work hardened.

S235JR+AR Meaning

S235JR+AR means that the delivery condition of the material is as-rolled.

S235JR+N Meaning

S235JR+N means that the material delivery condition is normalized or normalised formed.

S235JRC Equivalent

S235JRC steel equivalent to US ASTM A36, ISO S235B, Chinese GB Q235B, and Indian IS E250 steel.

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