Online Metal Weight Calculator for Metal Plate, Sheet, Bar, Pipe & Tube

Online Metal Weight Calculator

The online metal weight calculator allows you to calculate the weight of common metals, such as mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, etc.; Metal shapes include metal plate, metal sheet, metal bar, round tube, square pipe, hollow, angle bar, T-bar, H/I/W beam, U/C channel, profile and other common metal products.

Note: Density of various metal materials is based on Density of Metals, Density of Aluminum and Density of Stainless Steel.

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How Does Metal Weight Calculator Work?

The basic principle of calculating the metal weight is to multiply the Volume (V) of the metal by its Density (ρ). And the volume of various regular metal shapes is to multiply its Cross-Sectional Area (S) by its Length (L). so,

Metal weight = Volume (V) × Density (ρ) = Sectional Area (S) × Length (L) × Density (ρ).

Calculation Formula

The Online Metal Weight Calculator uses the weight calculation formula for various metal shapes summarized below.

metal sheet plate weight calculator

Metal Plate Weight Calculator Formula

Weight = Volume (V) × Density (ρ),
Sectional Area (S) = Width (W) x Thickness (T),
Plate/Sheet Volume = Length (L) × Width (W) × Thickness (T), so

Metal plate weight = L × W × T × ρ

metal round bar weight calculator formula

Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula

Round bar volume = Cross-sectional area × Length,
Cross-sectional area = πr², (“r” = Radius, “d” = Diameter, so r=d/2), so
Volume = π(d/2)² ×L = (πd²)/4 ×L, so

Round Bar Weight = (πd²)/4×L×ρ

hexagonal bar weight calculator formula

Hexagonal Bar Weight

Cross-sectional area = √3÷2 × W²,

Volume = √3÷2 × W² × L,

Hexagonal Bar Weight = √3÷2×W² ×L×ρ

metal tube pipe weight calculator

Metal Tube / Pipe Weight Formula

Round Tube/Pipe Volume = Total volume – Hollow volume,
Total volume = π(OD/2)² × L,
Hollow volume = π[(OD-WT)/2]² × L,
Tube/Pipe Volume = π(OD/2)²×L-π[(OD-WT)/2]²×L, so

Metal tube/pipe weight calculator = WT(OD-WT)×π×L×ρ

rectangular tube weight calculator

Rectangular Tube Weight Formula

Rectangular Tube Volume = Total volume – Hollow volume = L×W×H – L×(W-2t)×(H-2t),
Rectangular Pipe Volume = 2Lt(W+H-2t), so

Rectangular Tube Weight Calculator = 2LT(W+H-2t)×ρ

steel angle weight calculator

Angle Bar Weight Formula

Cross-sectional area (S) = Transverse area + Longitudinal area,
Transverse area = Width × Thickness,
Longitudinal area = (Height-Thickenss)×Thickenss,
Volume = [Wt+(H-t)t]×L = t(W+H-t)×L, so

Angle Bar Weight = t(W+H-t)×L×ρ

T Bar Weight Formula

T-beam / T-bar Weight Formula

Sectional area (S) = Flange area + Web area,
Flange area = Width × Flange thickness (t),
Web area = (Height – t) × Web thickness (i),
S = Wt + (H – t) × i,
Volume = (Wt+Hi-ti) × L, so

T-beam / T-bar Weight = (Wt+Hi-ti)×L×ρ

steel beam weight calculator

Steel Beam Weight Formula

Top flange area = Bottom flange area,
Sectional area (S) = 2×(Flange area) + Web area,
Flange area = Width (W) × Flange thickness (t),
Web area = Height (H) – 2 × t,
S = [2Wt+(H -2t)×i], so

Steel Beam Weight Calculator = (2Wt+Hi-2ti)×L×ρ

u c channel weight formula

U/C Channel Weight Formula

Total flange area = 2 × (H-i) × t,
Web area = W × i,
Volume = (Wi + 2tH – 2Ti)×L, so

U/C Channel Weight Calculator Formula = (Wi+2tH-2ti)×L×ρ

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