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Architectural & Decorative Wire Mesh

Architectural & decorative wire mesh is a new type of environmentally friendly architecture decoration material, which is made of various metal wires or metal sheets & panels. As decorative metal mesh, the material itself is required to have good corrosion resistance. Materials used to make architectural wire mesh include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, nickel alloy and other metal materials with good corrosion resistance. In addition, it is also be added coatings to the surface of the metal mesh to make its appearance more beautiful and brilliant, such as copper plating, brass plating, antique brass, antique copper, titanium plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, spray painting, anodizing, plastic coating, etc.

Types of Decorative Metal Mesh

According to the manufacturing method, the types of decorative metal mesh include woven mesh, pre-crimped wire mesh, welded wire mesh, perforated metal sheet, expanded metal, spiral mesh, rope mesh, laser cut screen, etched metal, etc.

Applications of Architectural Mesh

Architectural mesh can be used for architecture interior and exterior, interior such as room dividers, space separators, kitchen cabinet doors, counter panels, wall coverings, ceilings, stair handrails, etc.; exterior such as building facades and cladding, privacy screens, corridor shading, railing infill panels, etc.

Brilliant Metals Co., Ltd is a leading metal mesh manufacturer and supplier in China, our wire mesh products cover industrial and commercial fields.

decorative wire mesh for cabinet doors
CM101: Antique brass decorative wire mesh for cabinet doors
architectural decorative metal mesh screen
CM102: Gold decorative metal mesh screen
decorative grilles for cabinet doors
CM303: Decorative wire grilles
stainless steel architectural mesh
WCM102: Stainless steel architectural wire mesh
stainless steel architectural wire mesh
WCM101: Stainless steel cable wire mesh
stainless steel architectural metal mesh
CM108: Stainless steel architectural metal mesh

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