Thursday, February 20, 2020
1.7131 Steel 16MnCr5 Material Equivalent Composition Properties Hardness

EN 1.7131 Steel 16MnCr5 Material Equivalent, Composition, Properties

EN 1.7131 Steel 16MnCr5 Material EN 1.7131 steel (16MnCr5 material) is an European standard carburized steel (case hardening steel) with good hardenability and machinability. For larger cross-section parts, high surface hardness and wear resistance can be obtained after...
1.7147 Material 20MnCr5 Steel Equivalent Properties Composition

1.7147 Material 20MnCr5 Steel Equivalent, Properties, Composition

20MnCr5 steel (DIN 1.7147 material) 20MnCr5 steel (1.7147 material) is an European standard carburized steel (case hardening steel) with high strength and toughness and good hardenability. The quenching deformation is small, the low temperature toughness and the machinability...
EN 1.3505 material 100Cr6 Bearing Steel

DIN 1.3505 Material 100Cr6 Bearing Steel Equivalent, Composition, Properties, Hardness

100Cr6 Steel (EN 1.3505 Material) DIN EN 1.3505 material (100Cr6 steel) is an ISO and European EN standard alloy bearing steel grade. It has good toughness, good tempering stability, and small deformation during heat treatment. After quenching and...
EN 1.4125 X105CrMo17 steel sheets

EN 1.4125 X105CrMo17 Steel Composition, Properties, Equivalent

EN 1.4125 X105CrMo17 Steel X105CrMo17 material (EN 1.4125 steel) is an European standard high carbon martensitic stainless steel. Due to its high carbon, chromium and molybdenum content, it has high strength, good hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and...
DIN 1.2379 Steel X153CrMoV12 Material

DIN EN 1.2379 Steel X153CrMoV12 Material Equivalent, Datasheet, Properties

DIN EN 1.2379 Steel (X153CrMoV12 Material) DIN 1.2379 Steel (X153CrMoV12 Material) is a high carbon chromium molybdenum vanadium cold worked tool steel with high wear resistance, good dimensional stability, toughness and hardenability. Due to the secondary hardening properties,...