EN10025 S275 Steel S275JR Properties, Equivalent, Meaning, S275J2 Mild Steel S275J0

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EN 10025 S275 Steel (S275JR, S275J0 & S275J2)

EN 10025 S275 Steel is a non-alloy structural steel grade, according to EN10025, S275 mild steel is mainly devided into S275JR (1.0044), S275J0 (1.0143) and S275J2 (1.0145). Some properties of S275 mild steel is better than S235, and lower than S355.

S275 material old designation is St44 according to Germany standard, former quality grade equivalent is as follows:

  • EN10025 S275JR (1.0044) – St44-2 in DIN 17100
  • S275JO (1.0143) – St44-3U in DIN17100
  • S275J2 (1.0145) – S275J2G4 in EN 10025: 1993

EN10025 S275JR Meaning (Designation)

The lists below explains EN10025 S275JR meaning

  • “S” is for structural steel;
  • “275” refers to the minimum yield strength is 275 MPa tested with steel thickness ≤ 16mm.
  • “JR” means that the minimum charpy impact value at room temperature is 27J.
  • “J0” refers to the minimum charpy impact value at 0 °C is 27J.
  • “J2” means the minimum impact value at -20 °C is 27J.

S275 Data Sheet & Specification

EN 10025 S275 steel properties, composition and equivalent materials can be found in the following datasheet. All data sheet of DIN EN 10025-2 is the same as BS EN 10025-2 and other EU member states.

Chemical Composition

Datasheet 1, EN10025 S275J0, S275J2 and S275JR chemical composition based on ladle analysis is given in the following table.

Chemical Composition (ladle analysis), %, ≤
Country (Region)StandardSteel Grade (Steel number)CMnPSNCuThickness (d) (mm)Method of deoxidation
European UnionEN 10025-2S275JR (1.0044)0.211.500.0350.0350.0120.55≤ 40Rimmed steel not allowed
0.22> 40
S275J0 (1.0143)0.181.500.0300.0300.0120.55≤ 150Rimmed steel not allowed
0.20> 150
S275J2 (1.0145)0.181.500.0250.0250.55≤ 150Fully Killed
0.20> 150

Datasheet 2, chemical composition based on product analysis.

Chemical Composition (product analysis), %, ≤
Country (Region)StandardSteel Grade (Steel number)CMnPSNCuThickness (d) (mm)Method of deoxidation
European UnionEN10025-2S275JR (1.0044)0.241.600.0450.0450.0140.60≤ 40Rimmed steel not allowed
0.25> 40
S275Jo (1.0143)0.211.600.0400.0400.0140.60≤ 150Rimmed steel not allowed
0.22> 150
S275J2 (1.0145)0.211.600.0350.0350.60≤ 150Fully Killed
0.22> 150

S275 Steel Properties

Physical Properties

  • S275 mild steel density: 7.85 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1420-1460 °C (2590-2660 °F)

Mechanical Properties

S275 steel mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and impact resistance are given in datasheet below.

Yield Strength

Grade S275 Datasheet – 3

S275 Yield Strength (≥ MPa); Dia. (d) mm
SteelSteel Grade (Steel Number)d≤1616< d ≤4040< d ≤6363< d ≤8080< d ≤100100< d ≤150150< d ≤200200< d ≤250
S275S275JR (1.0044)275265255245235225215205
S275J0 (1.0143)
S275J2 (1.0145)

Tensile Strength

EN 10025 S275 Datasheet – 4

S275 Tensile Strength (≥ MPa)
SteelSteel Graded<33 ≤ d ≤ 100100 < d ≤ 150150 < d ≤ 250
S275S275JR (1.0044)430-580410-560400-540380-540
S275J0 (1.0143)
S275J2 (1.0145)

Note: 1MPa = 1N/mm2


S275 material Datasheet – 5

Elongation (≥%); Thickness (d) mm
SteelSteel Graded≤11< d ≤1.51.5 < d ≤22 < d ≤ 2.52.5 < d ≤ 33 ≤d ≤4040< d ≤6363 < d ≤100100 < d ≤ 150150 < d ≤ 250
S275J0 (S275JO)

S275 Steel Equivalent Material

EN 10025 S275 steel equivalent to American ASTM AISI SAE, European EN standard (British BSI standard, French NF standard…), ISO standard, Japanese JIS standard, Chinese GB standard and Indian IS standard. (For reference)

S275 steel equivalent material
European UnionUSGermanyChinaJapanISOIndia
EN 10025-2S275JR (1.0044)ASTM A1011/A1011MSS Grade 40 [275]DIN 17100St44-2GB/T 700Q275, Q275BJIS G3101SS490ISO 630-2S275B
S275J0 (1.0143)St44-3UQ275CISO 630-2S275C
S275J2 (1.0145)Q275DISO 630-2S275D

EN10025-2 (BS EN 10025-2, DIN EN 10025-2)

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