EN 10130 DC01 Steel 1.0330+ZE Material Data Sheet Equivalent, Properties

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DIN EN 10130 DC01 Steel (1.0330 Material) Data Sheet

DC01 steel (1.0330 material) is a European standard cold-rolled quality low-carbon steel flat product for cold forming. In BS and DIN EN 10130 standard, it contains 5 other steel grades: DC03 (1.0347), DC04 (1.0338), DC05 (1.0312), DC06 ( 1.0873) and DC07 (1.0898), the surface quality is divided into 2 types: DC01-A and DC01-B. In addition, this steel is also used under electrogalvanizing conditions. The designation of the steel is DC01+ZE (or 1.0330+ZE), and the standard is EN 10152.

DC01 Meaning and Definition

  • D: (Drawing) flat products for cold forming
  • C: Cold rolled
  • DC01: Drawing quality
  • DC03: Deep drawing quality;
  • DC04, DC05: Special deepdrawing quality;
  • DC06: Extra deepdrawing quality;
  • DC07: Super deep drawing quality.

Examples of Steel Names

  • DC01-A: Allow defects that do not affect formability or surface coating, such as pores, slight dents, small marks, slight scratches, and slight coloring.
  • DC01-B: Better surfaces shall be free from defects that may affect the uniform appearance of high-quality paints or electrolytic coatings. The other surface should meet at least surface quality A.
  • DC01+ZE: Electrolytically zinc coated
  • DC01EK: Conventionally enamelled

DC01 Steel Data Sheet

The tables and lists below give grade DC01 steel data sheet and specification including chemical composition, mechanical properties, welding, etc.

Chemical Composition

DC01 steel chemical composition is listed in the following table based on ladle analysis.

Country (Region)StandardChemical Composition (ladle analysis), %, ≤Surface qualityDeoxidationClassification
Steel name (Steel number)CMnPS
European UnionEN 10130DC01 (1.0330)0.120,600,0450,045A, BManufacturer’s discretionNon-alloy quality steel
EN 10152DC01+ZE (1.0330+ZE)A, B
EN 10139DC01-C390, C340, C440, C490, C590, C690


  • EN 10130 – Cold rolled low carbon steel flat products;
  • EN 10152 – Electrolytically zinc coated cold rolled steel flat products.
  • EN 10139 – Cold rolled uncoated low carbon steel narrow strip.

DC01+ZE Steel Mechanical Properties

The table below lists DC01+ZE steel mechanical properties.

Mechanical properties, Part-1
Country (Region)StandardSteel name (Steel number)Yield strength (MPa), 0.2 % offsetTensile strength (MPa)Elongation, ≥ %Surface qualityAbsence of stretcher strain marks
European UnionEN 10130DC01 (1.0330)140 (assumed) -280270-41028A, B
EN 10152DC01+ZE (1.0330+ZE)3 months


  • Yield strength: When the thickness is ≤0.7 mm but >0.5 mm, the yield strength value should be increased by 20 MPa. For thicknesses ≤0.5 mm, the value should be increased by 40 MPa.
  • Elongation: When the thickness is ≤0.7 mm but >0.5 mm, the minimum value of elongation should be reduced by 2 units. For thicknesses ≤0.5 mm, the minimum value shall be reduced by 4 units.
Mechanical properties, Part-2
StandardDesignationDelivery conditionSymbolYield strength (MPa), 0.2 % offsetTensile strength (MPa)Elongation, A80, ≥ %Elongation, A50, ≥ %Hardness, HVValidity of the mechanical properties
EN 10139DC01 (1.0330)AnnealedA270 – 3902830≤ 1053 months
Skin passedLC≤ 280270 – 4102830≤ 115
Work hardenedC290200 – 380290 – 430182095-125
C340≥ 250340 – 490Not requiredNot required105-155
C390≥ 310390 – 540117-172
C440≥ 360440 – 590135-185
C490≥ 420490 – 640155-200
C590≥ 520590 – 740185-225
C690≥ 630≥ 690≥ 215

Electrolytic Zinc Coatings

Coating DesignationNominal zinc coating values for each surfaceMinimum zinc coating values for each surface
Thickness, µmMass, g/m²Thickness, µmMass, g/m²

DC01+ZE Steel Mass and Density

DC01+ZE steel mass shall be calculated based on the density of steel 7.85 kg/dm³ and the density of zinc coating 7.1 kg/dm³.


The main application areas of the DC01 material include: automotive industry, construction industry, electronic equipment and home appliance industry, decorative purposes, food canning, etc.

DC01 Steel Equivalent Material

Material 1.0330, DC01 steel equivalent to ASTM, ISO, European (German DIN, British BSI, France NF), Japanese JIS and Chinese GB standard (for reference).

Note: DIN 1623 has been replaced by DIN EN 10130, and the designation ST12 has been replaced by DC01.

DC01 Steel Equivalent Material
European UnionGermanyUSChinaJapanISOIndia
StandardDesignation (Steel number)StandardDesignation (Material number)StandardSteelStandardSteelBao SteelGradeStandardSteelStandardSteelStandardSteel
EN 10130;
EN 10152
DC01 (1.0330)DIN 1623-1ST12 (1.0330)ASTM A1008/A1008MCS Type CGBT 5213DC01Q/BQB 403DC01JIS G3141SPCCISO 3574CR1

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