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ASTM SAE AISI 52100 Steel Properties, Composition, Equivalent

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SAE 52100 Steel

AISI SAE 52100 steel is a high carbon anti-friction bearing steel grade.

52100 Bearing Steel Data Sheet

The following table and lists show 52100 datasheet and specification including chemical composition, mechanical properties and heat treatment, etc.

AISI 52100 Steel Chemical Composition

The following table shows the chemical composition of AISI SAE 52100 steel.

Chemical Composition %
Steel Grade (UNS)CSiMnP ≤S ≤CrMo ≤Ni ≤Cu ≤O ≤Al ≤
52100 (G52986)0.93-1.050.15-0.350.25-0.450.0250.0151.35-1.600.100.250.300.00150.05

Physical Properties

AISI 52100 coefficient of linear thermal expansion
Value (10-6/K)Temperature (°C)Treatment or condition

52100 Steel Mechanical Properties

ASTM 52100 material hardness

  • Hot rolled, annealed coils: ≤92 HRB
  • Hot rolled annealed bars and tubes: ≤207 HBW
  • Annealed, cold drawn coils: ≤92 HRB
  • Annealed, cold drawn coils, bars and tubes: ≤248 HBW
  • Annealed, cold rocked tubes: ≤331 HBW

AISI 52100 flame hardening

  • 55-60 HRC (Quenchant: Air or oil)
  • 62-64 HRC (Quenchant: Water)

Typical Heat Treatment


Annealing temperature is 730-790 ℃ (1350-1450 ℉), furnace cooling.


Austenitizing temperature is 855 ℃ (1575 ℉)


Martempering temperature: 190 ℃ (375 ℉), Agent: Oil.


Heat treating cycle for martensitic hardening of 52100 bearing steel is as follows:

  • The austenitizing temperature is 815-855 °C for 15-40 minutes, each additional inch of thickness increases by 30 minutes.
  • Quenching temperature ≤ 150 °C agitated oil (martensite hardening); ≥ 230 °C molten salt (bainite hardening).
  • Tempering temperature 150-230 °C for 2-4 hours (Rockwell hardness 58-64 HRC)

As-quenched Rockwell hardness after heat treatment is typically 64-67 HRC.


52100 bearing steel mainly used for bearings, bearing races, seal rings, balls, rollers, guide bars, sleeves knives and blades etc.

Equivalent Grades

AISI SAE 52100 bearing steel equivalent to ISO, European EN (Germany DIN, British BS, France NF) Japanese JIS and Chinese GB standard. (For reference)

52100 steel equivalent grades
StandardGradeStandardGrade (Steel number)StandardGrade (Steel number)StandardGrade (Steel number)StandardGradeStandardGrade
ASTM A295/A295M
52100ISO 683-17100Gr6 (1.3505)EN ISO 683-17100Gr6 (1.3505)DIN EN ISO 683-17100Gr6 (1.3505)JIS G4805SUJ2GB/T 18254GCr15

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